Many years ago, a colleague and I were asked to review the way a major package holiday company employed and recruited their staff herunterladen älterer office versionen. We started by sitting in on the group interview sessions as they recruited a number of ‘Reps’ to look after children on their Spanish holiday programme. 

During these sessions, we encountered a very bright and personable young lady, who spoke fluent Spanish, had lots of relevant experience, the necessary ‘child care’ certifications and qualifications and yet she got turned down completely gif van pinterest downloaden. At the same time, we witnessed other candidates, who were barely literate and from the way they came across, possibly unable to tie their own shoelaces, being offered jobs logo kostenlos erstellen und kostenlos downloaden. We privately asked the HR team who did the recruitment why such an obviously strong and perfect applicant had been rejected? Their answer was astonishing: “We don’t have any company uniform blouses that go up to a size 18 herunterladen. The only sizes we have are 8 to 16”.

This is an almost unbelievable example of commercial and business insanity darf man bilder herunterladen. What they were actually saying, is that they would rather have less qualified and able people, than find a way to get a slightly bigger item of clothing to be worn as a uniform. 

If you are wondering what the connection is between recruitment and business development, the answer is simple download and download. It is people who deliver your services and in most cases sell your products and represent you. Get the right people and they will get the right business results lenovo vantage. Recruit the wrong people for the wrong reasons and it will have a negative impact on the quality of everything you want to achieve. 

By the way, within two years this company had crashed herunterladen!