How Not To Negotiate

Over the next few weeks I will be passing on some tips about negotiation skills … very important in the business development world windows 7 für studenten kostenlos downloaden. First however to make you smile, is a bizarre example of what not to do.

A friend of mine told me how he had been at a ‘haggling market’ abroad with his wife who wanted to buy a certain item herunterladen. The stall holder opened the negotiation … “I’ll let you have it for the good price of 20 Euros”. Not one to be messed about, my friend’s wife looked the trader squarely in the eyes and countered assertively with “I’m not prepared to pay more than 25 Euros” sharepoint verzeichnisse herunterladen.

“Done” … said the trader … “yours for 25 Euros”!!!!

Listening is the first key to good negotiating funny videos on mobile phone.

Any stories to share?