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Law Firms: A Guaranteed Business Winning Marketing Tip For Your Existing Clients.

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Business Development Advice And Tips | 0 comments

How good are you at keeping in touch with past clients free novoline games? Here is a simple business winning tip ….

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Can you answer this important question herunterladen? Once you have completed a task, job, piece of work … when are you next in touch with them? 

If you don’t know or have no active plans for any future contact, then you are almost certainly missing out and leaving potential new business on the table apple music alles herunterladen!

If you are in the professional services sector there is a very simple and effective way of keeping in touch spotify free songs herunterladen. You could try what I call a “how are things going call?” 

This strategy certainly works brilliantly in the legal sector and the same would apply to other personal and professional service areas too herunterladen. Obviously, you need to be selective about who you would call.

I have for example encouraged some of the law firms that I have advised and trained to call some of their selected business and commercial clients and simply ask, “how have things been going since that …..… ?” download and run zoom.

Apart from the goodwill this creates, it shows real interest in them, stimulates a conversation  and most clients are grateful and happy to share progress since whatever it is you did for them. 

However, I can tell you that it has a much greater tangible financial benefit minecraft skin herunterladen deutsch. In approximately 50% of these calls the client will respond with something along the lines of … “Actually, whilst you’re on the phone there is something that we might need your help with … !”

Thus this simple and easy client or customer service gesture turns into a revenue producing technique. 

Carefully select your target clients and try it and let me know how you get on netflix downloaden op windows 10.


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