Keep your business planning process simple.


Leonardo da Vinci is quoted as saying … ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. With this in mind, when it comes to business development plans, heed his advice. Here is the worst example I have ever come across of executive speak nonsense. It was part of an introduction from a strategic business development plan, written by an expensive consultant: 

“The interface needs to be transformational and integrated, in order that your customers and stakeholders fully migrate towards the business re-engineering process that will be necessary, to gain full exposure and penetration of the demographic. This will trigger the internal paradigm shift, which will create greater strategic synergy across all external operational functions”

Wow, that’s an easy one to get sorted! If any reader understood this, please e-mail or call me with an explanation and translation please, because I certainly don’t!

All too often, plans and the planning process are dressed up to sound more complex than they need to be. Ditch the meaningless, vague, pseudo-academic business jargon and executive waffle behind.