How To Find Some Extra Time: Stop Thinking In Your Existing Fixed Time Frames!

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Want more time to get things done? Stop thinking in traditional time blocks?

I hope you are open minded and ready to consider something new! Read and think about this carefully.  

It is not so much a tip or a technique but something more powerful. It is to do with our personal relationship with time. It challenges the way we are unconsciously programmed to think about and use our time.

Let me explain by asking you a few questions: 

  • When you arrange business meetings what times crop up in your diary more than others?
  • When you set your alarm for the morning, what time do you set it for?
  • When you make your evening social arrangements what times do you typically make them for? 

In the majority of cases, I bet the answers to these questions are at hourly or half hourly units of time. 

I have personally researched this and know for a fact that: 

  • 50% of all time arrangements, plans, reminders are fixed on the hour
  • 40% of all time arrangements, plans, reminders are fixed on the half hours
  • 10% of all time arrangements, plans, reminders are fixed at other times and most of them are at the quarter hour slots. 

What this means in practice is that 90% of people fix their business, professional, social and personal arrangements on the hour, or on half hour time blocks. That’s how we think. Why?

If people think and operate in this way, then we limit ourselves in terms of arranging and planning, to the number of hour and half hour units there are in the day or particular section of the day we are dealing with. By doing this we literally, write off huge chunks of time.

Stop just thinking in these blocks of time and you give yourself a massive amount of additional options and extra time to use as you wish.

To find out more about being more time efficient with your business development time see How To Be A Time Master.


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