Are high mark ups always good business? – £4 for a balloon or I’ll make your kid cry!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I took my two years old grandson to see a show at the theatre 7z herunterladen. This was a show that was based on a current massively popular kids TV programme. He was very excited and indeed so were we. It was a great feeling walking into the theatre with this little boy holding our hands spyware software kostenlosen. We could see other grandparents obviously enjoying the ‘moment’ just as much.

We picked up our pre-paid tickets at the box office – not cheap I should add – but we had chosen to book so we accepted that adobe reader dc kostenlos downloaden.

Seconds later we encountered a table with merchandise for the show with massively overpriced toys bearing the face of the main character from TV herunterladen. To be precise … £7 for a plastic windmill which of course lots of kids wanted. Some got them, actually most didn’t.

The show by the way was great raw bilder herunterladen. My grandson shouted and sang his way through the show songs … as did I …. and we set off to leave happy. At the exit door to the theatre was another staff member holding out and offering helium balloons to the kids herunterladen. As the children reached out to take one, he would ask parents / grandparents for £4. Most of the adults objected and said ‘no’ and many of the kids left the building crying and disappointed not to have the balloon that had been offered waipu downloaden.

So the question is … is this good business on the part of the production company? High prices … taking advantage of opportunities or bad for business for sending their young audience out crying and irritated microsoft power bi download for free?

Your comments please.