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Do You Turn Off Potential And Existing Clients?

by | May 29, 2018 | Business Development Advice And Tips, Law Firm Business Development | 0 comments

Getting potential clients to pick up the phone and call your firm can be expensive. With that in mind, why would you want to irritate them, before you had even started a proper conversation.  I just spoke to one who managed to irritate me four times, in the opening stages of the call.  Here’s how they did it …

Irritant 1 – Failure to listen – I opened with … “I wonder if you can help? My wife and I want to make a will and would like to find out the likely costs”. The response … “No problem, is the will just for yourself, or you and your wife”? 

Irritant 2 – Use of first name – I was asked for my name … “Ian Cooper”, I said. “Right then Ian, I’ll try to put you through”.

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Irritant 3 – Failure to greet me properly – Finally, after 3 minutes of silence, I was greeted with an abrupt and snappy … “Yes .. private client department”.

Irritant 4 – Failure to pass on information – Once I had got over this questionable opening. I was asked for my name and why I was ringing. As you will have noted, I had of course already given this information to my ‘pal’ on the switchboard who used my first name.

By the way, just to set this in context … this same firm spends over £250,000 on marketing activities to get the phone to ring with new enquiries and writes on its website how it prides itself on being ‘professional and efficient’!

I absolutely guarantee you, that if you don’t get these sort of basics right,  you are losing potential business. So three big questions for you?

– Could this be you? 

– Do you really know what is going on at the early stage of phone enquiries?

– What training have you given your staff?

If you want to know what you are like, or might want training … just email: or call 0208 953 6262.

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