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A Short Break In Tokyo … What To See And Where To Stay

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A Short Break In Tokyo … Where To Stay And What To See!

Guest writer and video producer David Cooper explores Tokyo a city with a difference and the amazing Capitol Hotel …

So here’s the challenge limbo kostenlos downloaden vollversion android. Where can you go for a totally different city based adventure, in a place that combines very modern high standards, with a uniquely fascinating history and culture? The answer Tokyo!

I am here for a few nights with my wife, to find out what this amazing city has to offer weihnachtsmotive zum herunterladen. We are staying at the sumptuously comfortable and sophisticated 5 star Capitol Hotel.

Let me tell you why I was so impressed with everything … let’s start with the hotel:

The Capitol Hotel – Tokyo

‘Location, location, location’. This old adage in the property business is also very apt when it comes to holidays and it’s hard to imagine a more perfectly positioned hotel. Literally situated in the Capitol Tower, with the subway system in the basement, you have instant access to several underground lines, to whisk you with traditional Japanese efficiency to all Tokyo’s main attractions youtube movies download app. Alternatively, head out of the front door of the hotel and you have shops and restaurants within minutes.

The Capitol Hotel, is an elegantly modern hotel, with friendly and service focused staff who simply want to please. As we entered the sleek lobby after our tiring journey, we were immediately intercepted and escorted to the reception desk where we were welcomed, given our key and taken to our room herunterladen.

Our deluxe accommodation, was immaculately clean and spacious, with a huge king sized bed; sofa; safe; TV; air conditioning; mini bar; slippers; robe; pajamas; kettle; and coffee machine plus a wonderfully helpful extra that I have not encountered anywhere before. In the room was what they called a ‘HandyPhone’. This was a smart phone for our use whilst staying at the hotel slack all files. This meant were able to take this out and about with us and have unlimited free local and international calls, texts and data. Along with some very useful apps on the phone this was a lovely added value service touch.

The highlight of the room however has to be the fantastic en suite bathroom. Not only did it have two sinks, a shower and a bathtub in modern decor, but it had an unbelievably high tech toilet. It was worth going to Japan just to experience a visit to the toilet in the Capitol Hotel.

Take a seat and I’ll share everything! No simple flush here. At the side of the toilet was the control panel, so you could decide whether to … you will have to use your imagination here … have a front, back or range of creative sprays! If these decision making challenges weren’t enough, you also had to choose between water pressure, nozzle angle; half or full flush. Finally for your ultimate comfort the toilet seat was heated. Very nice indeed!

If that wasn’t enough, guests also have free access to very a nice heated indoor swimming pool with sunbeds overlooking the Tokyo skyline along with other spa facilities.

What about the hotel food? Well, like everything else about this hotel, the standard was high. We only had breakfast here, but the choice was huge and there was a good combination of western and traditional Japanese food.

The hotel was so good, it was tempting to stay in, swim, relax and experiment with the toilet!

Despite all these temptations, we did of course go out and explore. Let me recommend three ‘must see’ places to experience:

Asakusa … This is the heart of Tokyo. Here you can experience both old and new Japan. Asakusa’s major attraction is a very popular 7th century Buddhist temple, known as Sensoji. The whole area and surrounding streets are a popular haunt for visitors who want to browse the market for souvenirs, crafts and local food.

Roppongi Hills … This 2003 building complex has a multitude of facilities and attractions including apartments, shops, restaurants, a hotel, art museum, an observation deck offices and more. In the center of the district, is the 238 meter Mori Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the city. We spent a memorable couple hours admiring the panorama over Tokyo whilst watching the sunset

Mount Fuji … No trip to Japan, would be complete without a visit to see Mount Fuji. A couple of hours out of Tokyo, on the famous ‘Bullet Train’ brought us to Japan’s highest mountain.

This perfectly shaped volcano, has been worshiped throughout the centuries. We were told it is still active, though thankfully it has not erupted since 1707.

There is a nearby cable car, which allows spectacular views of Fuji. 

The verdict: If you haven’t already got Tokyo on your travel hit list make sure you add it and when you go, make sure you stay at the Capitol Hotel.

Japan Travel Tip:

 If you plan to travel around Japan do invest in the Japan Rail Pass. This is only available to foreign visitors and is well worth it if you are planning on venturing beyond Tokyo. For more information: http://www.japanrailpass.net/en/index.html

About the Capitol Hotel:

The hotel has 251 spacious rooms; 3 restaurants; 5 venues for large gatherings; a spa and a 20 metre indoor swimming pool.

For more information and to book visit: https://www.tokyuhotels.co.jp/capitol-h/

Tel: 03-3503-0109


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